About Us

In this day and age of global communications and e-commerce via Internet, anybody can “import” and “export” anything from their computers, tablets or mobile phones, enjoying much cheaper prices, even wholesale prices, and free worldwide shipping.

ImExGear.com, short for “import-export gears (and things)”, helps you find out what is best to buy, and where to “import” it at a good price; it also provides a platform for exporters to advertise their products to the world.

With million of products and thousands of sellers around the globe, it is not easy to find the best product in its category, at the most competitive price, and sold by the most respectable vendors. This is why ImExGear.com comes into your service, providing you with a wide selection of what you are looking for. We spend time to search for the best so you don’t have to.

“High Quality Product at Low Price” and “Free Shipping Worlwide” are our main focus in searching products to introduce to you.

We do not sell and ship products ourselves. ImExGear.com is only a bridge linking you DIRECTLY to the vendors.